Bears love people…they taste like chicken

We were staying overnight in a resort in Jackson Hole, and wanted to see a bit of the town while we had a chance.

On the way there, we passed a house.  No, not A house…THE house.  The one I want.  I need to win the lottery, though, if I’m going to move there.

We walked around, did a little window shopping, took some pictures, and got dinner.

I couldn’t resist the t-shirt:  it’s green and has what looks like a highway sign on the front.  It has a stick-figure cartoon of a bear chasing a person, and below the cartoon it says, “Bears love People.  They taste like chicken.”  I need another t-shirt like I need a hole in my head, but…whatever.  I’ll just have to find a few to give away to let the ones I bought on this trip fit in the rotation.

There are several antler arches in Jackson Hole, at the corner entrances to the parks.

Oh my, what is this?  Two mules, hitched to a stagecoach.  They looked very bored.  Beautiful, though.

We ate dinner at a place called The Bunnery.  It was a bakery and restaurant.  Best broccoli cheese soup I’ve ever had.  The omelet was good, too.  We got a few pastries to take with us for tomorrow’s early morning venture. We were getting up early so we could watch the sunrise in Grand Teton National Park.  That meant we needed to be there by 6 AM, preferably earlier so we could scout the location further.  We got up at dark-thirty to hit the road.

Not really exciting, but a wildlife sighting nonetheless.  When I was putting my bags in the car in the morning in the pitch black of pre-sunrise Jackson Hole, a coyote trotted down the sidewalk less than 10 feet from me.  He just glanced my way and kept going.  Eh, just a coyote.  We’ve got those things here in IL.  Hell, I’ve got one in my neighborhood–I hear it some nights, and Rugby (my dog) and I have seen it during our early AM walks.


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